How to Replace a Highway… F-A-S-T!

Author: robertinseattle

Snoqualmie Pass Map

Snoqualmie Pass is a key road running through the Cascade Mountains along Interstate 90 coming from Eastern Washington by way of Idaho. It’s a really important road that’s critical to all kinds of goods to and from Seattle. When this highway gets covered in a major snowstorm, they get it cleared as quickly as possible, sometimes going so far as to blast some of the ice and snow down from the mountains just to avoid snowslides on to the road. So when they had to finally re-pave this puppy this past May, the DoT had to tear I-90 up and replace it immediately so everyone’s back in business with as little disruption as possible.

Here’s a short video clip of how they tore up one section of Snoqualmie Pass – NOT your normal demolition work!

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