My Portfolio

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This is a short slideshow of pieces done over the years starting from back in the late 70’s when I first decided I wanted to try out my illustration and graphic design skills. So as luck would have it, I was once again fortunate enough to start at the top instead of working my way up from the bottom: A friend over at Xerox of Canada needed some large training charts that would graphically list competitive photocopier and features so their sales force would be able to quickly compare their products to other copiers in the industry. Once completed for the regional office, the project went from regional to national in a matter of months, and then the US offices saw them and ordered even more sets of the final slides.

This illustration below was a side project that came out of the original: Xerox always had quarterly contests for their sales reps and this particular series was all about food. Weekly prizes included steaks (thus my image for New York Strip steaks) all the way up to a grand prize of an overseas trip of wining and dining for two to the top rep in Canada.

I was using the old school version of today’s Infographics and PowerPoint slideshows back in the 70’s to get the message across: There weren’t computer-generated graphics or slideshow programs to get the job done back then. I discovered that I had a knack for digesting complex information and then regurgitating it in a visual format that was easier to comprehend. Weeks and weeks of graphic illustration work and then orders came in for poster-size prints and boxes of slides from the original pieces. Xerox found that the retention rate went up exponentially and the need to continually re-train sales staff went down dramatically. They eventually ordered many sets of those poster-size graphics (not cheap in those days as they were actually printed on photographic paper from the original slides) along with even more sets of the slides for their training programs. That was the old – and only – way of doing things back then!