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OK – I’m really fired up this morning. Sometimes fake science just goes too far and you have to shake your head. There’s a new “study” from the CDC (Center for Disease Control, no less!) about how 20% of our kids suffer from some form of mental illness (!). And it’s rising!


Is it ADHD or Multitasking?

Author: robertinseattle

MultitaskMy friend, Dr. Daniel Amen, posted a link on his Facebook page today with a link to a recent article from Forbes about multitasking. Unfortunately, all too many people only see multitasking as a detriment or as a disorder that’s part of ADD/ADHD. For me, it’s all about lumping people into general categories so they’re easier to define. Hey – multitasking? Bad! You must be ADHD.

Well, some people probably are unfocused and can’t stay on task. But for others, the ability to work on several tasks or projects at once is a skill and an asset. Everyone’s different and we all think and work differently. And that’s the point.