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Author: robertinseattle

How to Use Google to Fight a Ticket

Author: robertinseattle

Well, I just got back from the Kirkland Municipal Court after a nervous 24 hours. A few of my friends have already been aware of what’s been hanging over my head since early February. Back on Feb. 9th, I had headed across the 520 floating bridge from the Seattle side over to Bellevue on the East side of Lake Washington to check up on an ill friend. This route was very familiar to me, having traveled on it to get home when I lived on that side of the lake for many years. I took the first exit – 84th Ave. NE – rolled up to the STOP sign at the intersection and stopped.

I looked both ways and then pulled forward slowly to get through the intersection carefully. This particular intersection can get pretty nasty at times with all the yuppies and soccer Moms driving their SUVs in their Starbucks-induced comas so you proceed with caution. As I pulled through the intersection, I looked over at the cop in the unmarked car on my left and smiled at him with a nod. Halfway through the intersection, he hits his lights and his siren and signals for me to pull over to the shoulder on the other side of the intersection. I rolled my window down as he approached my van and asked, “What did I do, officer?”