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My First Train Ride to Independence

Author: robertinseattle

I was originally determined to go to Montreal to attend Sir George Williams University to go for my Master of Fine Arts degree. Dad has always promised that he would pay for our college when we finished high school. Unfortunately, Dad’s interpretation of going to college meant that he expected us to pursue a ‘professional’ career: lawyer, doctor, architect. But definitely NOT art! Ah – Chinese parents and their expectations for success!

I realized I had creative skills early on and never let anything hold me back in exploring my artistic skills. I was so blessed to have had an encouraging art teacher during my junior high school years and at the end of Grade 9, she awarded me with a scholarship for Grade 10 at the Nova Scotia College of Art! (I think it was Mrs. Williams?) She was one of the first people to ever acknowledge and praise my art and it truly gave me the confidence I needed to keep at it (especially during the generally unpleasant three years of my Junior High life). And she kept awarding me with another scholarship for the next year’s class until she gave me that scholarship for my first year of High School. So I also ended up going through high school art classes on scholarships each year until I was finally awarded a full scholarship to the College. (Dad would certainly never pay for any of my art classes!)