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The Memories that Old Pictures Capture

Author: robertinseattle

Today I started trying to organize the many photographs I have scattered around my house again. After a few moves – and a major housefire back in 2002 – these pictures often represent the only physical memories of my family’s lives. For some strange reason, most of our pictures were left miraculously unharmed after losing almost everything else we owned back then. I decided a good first step to organizing them was to start getting them all gathered together in one place; so I emptied some shelf space in a bookcase to start pulling them all together at last.

So I was going through one small plastic box and I came across these two Polaroid SX-70 pictures of a very special Pontiac Trans Am Firebird. But first, here’s a picture of what that classic street car looked like, complete with the original Firebird emblem on the hood and the side panels: